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Leaders & Leadership What Does That Look Like?

leaders and leadership what does that lo
Gives you an opportunity to see leadership from the eyes and spirit of someone who followed first.
I feel before a person accepts a position of leadership he or she should stop and asks themselves these self-reflecting questions.
  • Am I ready to be a leader?
  • Am I a leader worthy to be followed?
  • Do I have what it takes to be a leader?
I believe there are characteristics every leader should possess such as, Integrity, commitment and love.
This book is based on Biblical principles that have and will stand the test of time. Most importantly if utilized, these principles will serve as a guaranteed process to success.

5 Stars



A Note From Your Author:

This is your journey. Be real and see what you look like. ​

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“Improving yourself is the best way to help your team!”
– John Maxwell

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leaders and leadership what does that lo
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Minister Ieesha Sharp fueled by her years of leadership has written this simple yet accurate book filled with principles and time tested practices. Leaders & Leadership takes every leader on a journey to recall what is most important in leadership. Minister Ieesha uses the definition of leadership to magnify every characteristic a true leader should possess. I am convinced after reading this book every leader will be persuaded to become a fruit inspector, inspecting their character and lifestyle weighing it against the standard, Jesus Christ.
Pastor Connie Bivens
Encouraging the Heart, Woman to Woman Ministries
After reading Minister Ieesha B. Sharp’s book “Leaders & Leadership What Does That Look Like?” I believe her message speaks to the simplicity, accuracy, of time-tested practices performed seamlessly by leaders every day. I believe these are “tried and true” principles that anyone in leadership can use for self-examination, as a lesson in reflection or for those new to leadership.  Minister Ieesha B. Sharp walks the reader through the steps of leadership by using scripture throughout to address attributes of great leaders such as the importance of “doing what you say you’re going to do,” being faith-filled, accepting responsibility, self-discipline, a visionary, ethical, the ability to lead and most importantly be able to follow. I wholeheartedly recommend this quick, easy to read book for all ages to reinforce that leadership can be learned at any age, “by keeping your mind on Jesus” and arming yourself with the right tools.”
Cynthia A. Eckles, MBA, CPSM, CPPB, LSSGB
Procurement Supervisor – Transportation Team
Olympia, WA  

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