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"Leaders & Leadership - What Does That Look Like" is a great book to read. It will open your eyes of understanding on the characteristics of what a true leader should possess using Biblical principles. "Everything Rises and Falls on Leadership.
Orgia Senior
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Minister Ieesha B Sharp hit a home run on guiding leaders to become powerful leaders. This is a must read for beginning to seasoned leaders who need a "pick me up" it is short and to the point. She infused the principles of God and definitely took into account that leaders are led to lead. Thank you
Pastor Ruth Walkes
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Good book. A friend an I have been discussing the different paragraphs. Great conversation starter. Great book to reevaluate yourself. Not finished yet but will this week. Good night FB
Mina Williamson
Carmen Lafrano
This book is on my night stand, I read a chapter every morning to get my day started with a smile. Thank you for sharing such positive wisdom. Much love, Carmen
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Minister Leesha elated to hear from you....OMG! I read your book in 2 hours it is amazing, simple yet profound.....I ref your leadership points a lot hope you don't mind. But yes thank you once again and I hope you're working in your next project. Much love and respect
Pastor Sarah
My friend friend who is a housekeeper has a clients house that she was cleaning when she run across my book and posted it how cool is that? How Cool is That?!?!
Michele Goan
Dorothy D'Amelio
I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading your book on leadership! Your message bounced off the page and has helped me so! Thank you!
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Shawan Owusu
A beautiful author stopped by to see me today :-)God is going to do great things through this woman of God! Blessings Minister Ieesha! Keep loving, advancing, and growing the Kingdom! It was so good to see you.The best is yet to come! — with IB Sharp.
I have enjoyed the challenge of why people think their leaders and the cost of STAYING in that role. Re-read chapter 9 and love the term "Success Seed". What a revelation!
Conrad N LaQuita Reinhardt
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Isaac & Diane Dixon
IB Sharp. - Thanks for writing a book that provides insight on Leadership in the Spiritual Realm as well as in the Corporate World. Very good read ! Highly recommend. 👍👏
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I have enjoyed the challenge of why people think their leaders and the cost of STAYING in that role. Re-read chapter 9 and love the term "Success Seed". What a revelation!
Pastor Gilbert Torres
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Pastor Michael Henderson
The book is great! I like the fact that it's short and to the point. You can sit down with a cup of coffee and read in one setting. It would be great in a small group setting where those studying about leadership can read and discuss a chapter at each meeting. The journal is a great companion which allows for self-reflection. I think you have a "winner" here. Thanks for allowing the Lord to use you. I will definitely recommend to others

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